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I have decided against leaving the original version of this website up long term.

The goal of the project was to show that completely rejecting/fearing an idea, such as a "critical theory," would lead to some strange understandings of the Bible especially regarding race, gender, and justice.

I believe that all people, Christian or not, bear the image of God, and therefore create good and useful things. At the same time, I believe that all people, Christian or not, are deeply fallen and sinful, and therefore twist even good ideas for their own ends. So while I deeply disagree with Karl Marx on many things, that does not mean I reject everything he says or anything associated with him. Likewise there are Christian authors with whom I share much in common and yet still do not endorse all their views.

When it comes to CRT specifically, I find several ideas in it helpful, and therefore I cannot ascribe to a view that completely rejects it, especially when rejecting it seems to give the person additional power and respect in certian subcultures. At the same time, I have seen several instances where those who claim to be CRT advocates actually reverse into the very thing it attempts to uncover, promoting dehumanizing power structures and discounting individuals through the lens of race. Again, based on my theology of humanity and sin, these events are not surprising, but they can be incredibly painful and destructive.

For a thinking Christian, I believe it's possible to separate a concept from its worst uses, neither blindly embracing nor fearfully rejecting ideas or people, however flawed they might be. My recommendation (and the point of the original website) would be to cultivate a simliar theology, one that can appreciate all of God's truth without fear and yet one that also develops discernment in all things, returning to the anchor of scripture and the wisdom of the church.

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